The main activities of the Foundation can be summarized under 5 headlines.

Financial support: The Foundation will support archaeological excavation and provide financial support for the Museum. It is aimed to provide an unforgettable experience for the tourists visiting the archaeological site.

Guidance to the process of excavation: The Foundation will add pace and help to accelerate the excavation, partially completed work and the digs at the fields closed during visits.
Projects and plans will be prepared to complete the uncompleted digs under the guidance of local and international experts and necessary precautions will be taken to open these fields for visits during the digs.

Library and Archives: The Foundation will prepare a digital archive, which will include all the researches on the ancient city until now and all the excavation done so far in Ephesus.
It is also planned to prepare a library of copies of all the books and magazines published so far on Ephesus in Turkey or abroad.

Research: The Foundation will be supporting academic researches on the history of Ephesus, its architecture and different lifestyles existed in the ancient city at different historical periods.

Promotion: Promotion will be mainly conducted through web - based activities. These will include direct mailing to targeted groups, shopping on Internet and sending bulletins on the activities in the ancient city.
International symposiums will be organized in order to increase consciousness on Ephesus. The Foundation will also be organizing cultural activities like concerts and exhibitions in different places and it will promote Ephesus actively.

Through these activities new sponsors will be found for Ephesus and the ancient city will climb up towards the top in the list of world’s tourism leaders.