CON 01: Consolidation Along Visitor Paths

Costs    € 157,890.00
Duration    16,5 months
Code    CON01

Human impact and environmental influences impose great stress on ancient monuments. To provide maintenance and also to ensure the safety of the visitors, a consolidation project along visitor paths will be started.

The ancient city of Ephesos is one of the largest open-air museums in the world and the second most visited place in Turkey after the Topkapı Palace in İstanbul: today, an average of 2 million tourists visit the ruins every year; 90,000 of them find their way to Terrace House 2.
The extremely high number of visitors brings revenue and enables scientific work to be displayed to the public. However, it also imposes great stress on the antiquities. In addition to this human impact, the ruins have also been exposed to environmental influences (temperature, water etc.) for many decades.

The consolidation project will cover various activities, f.e. the regular evaluation of problem areas and priority scheduling, the consolidation of the basic fabric of various monuments or the removal of vegetation dangerous to the structural stability of buildings. To improve the site facilities the refurbishment of modern wooden stairs and ramps as well as the installation of public seating facilities under trees in the shadow will be part of the project.