AYA 01: Conservation of the Tomb of Ahmed Pasha (No. 1)

Costs     € 83,560.00
Duration    7 months
Code    AYA01

During the reign of the Aydınoğulları Dynasty in the 14th/15th century sacred buildings (i.g. İsa Bey Mosque) and several monuments of private and public life as well as interesting tombs were erected at the Ayasoluk Hill (today Selçuk), about 5 km northeast of the ancient city of Ephesos. Corresponding to the decline of Epheos the settlement on Ayasoluk had increased in significance since the 5th century A.D.

As part of the Ayasoluk Conservation Project the Tomb of Ahmed Pascha next to the Hospital in Selçuk will be examined and conserved. The owner of Tomb (Türbe) No. 1 was long missing but during excavations, a gravestone with an inscription has been found. It shows the name «Ahmed Pasha», who played an important role in the development of Ayasoluk, and the date of his death in «February 1346». So the Türbe can be dated to the second quarter of the 14th century A.D.
The tomb has been subject to deterioration due to lack of maintenance and previous interventions. Especially, the cement-based repairs combined with humidity of the structure have caused soluble salt based deteriorations and biological growth.