Ancient Frescoes Restoration Project 2011 Completed

Restoration work on the ancient frescoes in four rooms of the residential units in Terrace House 2 has been completed on time in September. Due to several damages in antiquity and environmental conditions (like changes in temperature and humidity or the deposition of dust) after the excavation in the last 30 years, the wall paintings are in a bad condition and need careful restoration. All together there are about 60 rooms waiting for a treatment by specialists. Depending on the dimensions of the room and the quality and quantity of the preserved decoration between 1200 and 2700 working hours are required per room.

In 2011 the frescoes in Room 17 ("Lion's Room") and 18 ("Room of Erots") as well as 36 (dining room) and 36a (courtyard) have been completely restored by a Turkish-Italian-French restoration team. The conservation and restoration of the beautiful wall decoration, dating mainly to the 3rd century AD, has been exclusively financed by the Ephesus Foundation.

Restoration of a bird (Room 17)

Room 17 before and after restoration

Room 18 after restoration

Detail Room 17

Detail Room 17

freshwater basin which once contained fish

Room 36a after restoration