The Ephesus Foundation projects started in May 2015

In May, two important projects started in Ephesos, both financed by the Ephesus Foundation: At the Serapeion (Serapis Temple), excavation work began. The archaeologists are uncovering graves inside the inner chamber of the temple. Some of them were found empty, some disturbed, some yet undisturbed.

The conservation team continued its work in Terrace House 2. This year, the wall paintings of three rooms (SR 16, SR 17 and SR 28) will be consolidated and preserved. The team consists of 15 experts from Italy, Turkey, Poland, Greece and Austria.

We were also able to continue the co-operation with the Akdeniz University: 4 students will do an internship and gain work experience on the conservation of wall paintings.

SR 28 Emergency Fixing With Nano Lime SR 28 Work In Progress 2015 Serapeion Cella 2

2015 Serapeion Cella 3 2015 Serapeion View Towards The Cella SR 28 Cleaning With Wishab

Ready to use the portable Pinacoscopio - stereo-microscope