Conservation work at a geometric floor mosaic in Ephesos is still ongoing

In 2016, the Ephesus Foundation not only supports the conservation of wall paintings in Terrace House 2, but also the conservation of a mosaic in critical condition. Work started in April and will last until May 11.

The status of the geometric floor mosaic in the court of residential unit 2 called for an immediate conservation treatment. In the last 4 years decay of the original setting bed mortars, water infiltration from the roof and lack of regular maintenance caused large detachments of tiles and holes.

The conservation treatments include documentation, collection and cataloguing of sporadic tiles, preliminary cleaning, temporary consolidation of detached tiles, cleaning, superficial consolidation between tiles and cracks, stuccoing of holes, integration of holes with original tiles and maintenance of the protective shelter.

he project is financed by the Ephesus Foundation and carried out within the MOSAIKON initiative of the Getty Foundation.