Mosaics radiating in a new blaze of colors

Conservators from Jordan, Tunisia, and Libya for Further Training in Ephesus

Countries, such as Jordan, Tunisia, and Libya, are home to a rich array of ancient mosaics. As a way of further educating conservators from these countries in the conservation and management of ancient mosaics, the Getty Foundation is supporting the «Mosaic Conservation Course 2011‒2016». The course was designed by CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica of Rome and dedicated to train conservators from the Departments of Antiquities in Jordan, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. This year the last phase of the course took place in Ephesus thanks to the efforts of the Ephesus Foundation. As the culmination of the five year training program, an international team of 15 conservators from 5 nations (Italy, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, and Turkey) was in Ephesos from March to May 2016 to conserve a selection of endangered mosaics in Terrace House 2, including a mosaic in Residential Unit 2 which was financed and thus preserved by the Ephesus Foundation. The participants of the course will now function as trainers for the next generation of conservators in their home countries.