New Book About Ephesus Presented in Ankara

On March 25, 2011 the Austrian Embassy decorated the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Günay by the Medal of Honor due to his contributions to cultural cooperation between Turkey and Austria. On this occasion, Mrs Ladstätter, director of the Ephesus Excavation, presented her new book about the “Wall Paintings in Ephesus from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine Period.” 
The publication, written together with the art historian Mr Zimmermann, overviews the development of wall paintings in Ephesus embedded into the history of the city and of terrace house 2 in special. The book is highly illustrated and offers broad information for specialists as well as non-professionals. It has been translated from German into English language; the Turkish Edition was sponsored by the Ephesus Foundation.
As one of the main activities of the Ephesus Foundation is to support the academic research on Ephesus copies of the book will be delivered to the archaeological departments of all universities in Turkey.
Norbert ZIMMERMANN, Sabine LADSTÄTTER, Wandmalerei in Ephesos von hellenistischer bis in byzantinische Zeit (Vienna 2010), ISBN 978-3-85161-035-2 (Publisher: Phoibos)
Norbert ZIMMERMANN, Sabine LADSTÄTTER, Wall Painting in Ephesos from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine Period (Istanbul 2011), ISBN 978-6-05560-751-7 (Publisher: Ege Yayinlari)
Norbert ZIMMERMANN, Sabine LADSTÄTTER, Ephesos Duvar Resimleri. Hellenistik Donemden Bizans Donemine Kadar (Istanbul 2011), ISBN 978-6-05560-750-0 (Publisher: Ege Yayinlari)
f.l.t.r. Turkish Minister E. Günay, Austrian Ambassador H. Gürer, Ephesus Excavation Director S. Ladstätter
f.l.t.r. Austrian Ambassador H. Gürer, Turkish Minister E. Günay