WP 05: Room 16a –Peristyle courtyard

Costs     € 54,745.20
Duration    3 months (2012)
Code    WP05
Location    Unit 3

The floor of Room 16a is covered with two mosaics showing the terrifying female creature Medusa and the god Dionysos while the walls have been decorated with up to three layers of ornamental painting: the second layer displays a system of open fields and lisenes with animal emblems. The topmost layer shows imitation marble.

Terrace House 2 contains seven luxurious apartments (peristyle houses) on three artificial terraces in the centre of the ancient city of Ephesos. Reflecting the upper class status of their inhabitants the houses were richly furnished. In addition to marble decoration and mosaic floors almost all rooms of Terrace House 2 were decorated with wall paintings.

Due to several damages in antiquity and environmental conditions (like changes in temperature and humidity or the deposition of dust) after the excavation in the last 30 years, the wall paintings are in a bad condition and need careful restoration. All together there are about 60 rooms waiting for a treatment by specialists. Depending on the dimensions of the room and the quality and quantity of the preserved decoration between 1200 and 2700 working hours are required per room. The Restoration Project of the Ephesus Foundation aims at preserving and conserving this unique heritage within the next years, realised by a restoration team from Italy and Turkey.

Visitors of Terrace House 2 can observe conservation work in progress.