SER 07: Analysis Structural Design

Costs     € 1,200.00
Duration    3 days
Code    SER07

The so-called Serapis Temple is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman Imperial Period (27 BC to 284 AD). The tremendous dimensions of the numerous monolithic architectural parts are impressive. Most of them are still lying in situ (in place) in front of the temple, as they have collapsed due to an earthquake.

The objective of this project is to analyse the current status of the monument in respect of an anastylosis (re-erection), at least of parts of the temple. Anastylosis is the archaeological and architectural reconstruction of a ruined monument after careful study of the remaining original elements.

The analysis of the building structure by a structural engineer will provide answers among others to the following questions: Are there enough fragments to rebuild the monument? How is the condition of the original architectural parts? Can the parts of the columns bear the weight if re-erected?