SER 10: Historical Building Research III

Costs     € 8,800.00
Duration    1,5 months
Code    SER09

The so-called Serapis Temple is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman Imperial Period (27 BC to 284 AD). The tremendous dimensions of the numerous monolithic architectural parts are impressive. Most of them are still lying in situ (in place) in front of the temple, as they have collapsed due to an earthquake.

One of the most important aspects in the future presentation of the Serapeion in Ephesos is the condition of the preserved building substance. The objective of this project is to protect and conserve the ancient material under the guidelines of the international preservation of monuments.

The examination of damages of several marble block as well as a condition survey of the entrance hall and the uncovered parts of the flight of stairs are part of this project. Additionally, climate data loggers measuring temperature and humidity at the Serapeion are installed.