SER 11: Damage Assessment III

Costs     € 13,019.00
Duration    4 weeks
Code    SER 11

The so-called Serapis Temple is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman Imperial Period (27 BC to 284 AD). The tremendous dimensions of the numerous monolithic architectural parts are impressive. Most of them are still lying in situ (in place) in front of the temple, as they have collapsed due to an earthquake.

Right from the project start, historical building research (Project SER 05, 08 and 10) went along with the collection of information about the condition of the preserved building substance by a conservator.

His task is to develop a map of all detected damages (caused by rain, wind, ground water, salt, plants and human activity) and to prepare a catalogue of measures for appropriate maintenance. Second, he checks the quality of the blocks with regard to an anastylosis (re-erection). Also, datalogger recording humidity and temperature were installed to gain further information about the climatic conditions.

In September 2013, this work will be completed.