SER 12: Damage Assessment III

Costs     € 3,000.00
Duration    2 weeks
Code    SER 12

In the field of archaeology the 3D laser scanner technology became a popular tool for high-resolution 3D documentation of archaeological excavations.

3D laser scanners are able to survey superficial structures and three-dimensional subjects without the need to touch the objects under investigation. The collected data on the shape and possibly appearance (i.e. color) of a real-world object or environment are used to construct digital, three-dimensional models.

In 2011, the current status of the Serapeion was documented in 3D before any intervention.

The collected data resulted in a 3D reconstruction of the temple.

n 2013, the inner chamber, the uncovered staircase and selected architectural parts will be scanned. The data will complement the work of the building historians and will be used for a final visualisation of the ancient building process and the appearance of the temple.