HAR 03: Conservation of the Arkadiane Street

Costs    € 17,219.00
Duration    8 weeks
Code    HAR 03

As a transhipment point for goods and wares, the harbour of Ephesos contributed significantly to the prosperity of the antique city. The most important connection between the harbour and the centre of the city was the Arkadiane Street. The boulevard (about 500 m long and 11 m wide) started at the Middle Harbour Gate and ended up at the Great Theatre.
The objective of this project is the complete uncovering and excavation of the ArkadianeStreet.

In spring 2012, a great part of the Arkadiane Street, leading from the Great Theatre in the centre of the city to the harbour, was uncovered. Also, excavations at selected areas were carried out and walls were laid open.

Generally, shortly after unearthing rapid deterioration of the wall condition can be observed. The walls are afflicted with environmental influences, such as rain, fluctuation of temperature and missing lime mortar.

The current project includes different conservation actions to guarantee long-term preservation.